Monarc Jewellery


Monarc believe the future of jewellery is embodied through supreme craftsmanship,
contemporary yet timeless design, and sustainable practices. Consideration and care is expressed in their commitment to responsible sourcing and sustainable practice. The result; jewellery that is luxurious, non-traditional and completely alive with meaning. Its objective is to create modern, timeless jewellery to be worn now and passed onto future generations.

Founder Ella Drake originally hails from New Zealand, coming to the jewellery trade via an international career in modelling. It was through booking a shoot with Vogue Gioiello (Vogue Jewellery edition) that she cemented her passion for fine jewellery, before going on to study at the prestigious Florence campus of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

"Monarc’s Aboveground Diamond Collection brings sustainability and transparency to jewellery items that signify life's most important moments."