Modern Muse: HILDE

As seen in Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and ELLE Decoration, HILDE is the boutique wedding stylist with her finger on the pulse of modernity. A true trailblazer in the reformation of design-led weddings, HILDE is able to authentically translate each love story into an authentic experience. Anne approaches each wedding concept with a people-first ethos - forming raw connections with her clients in order to capture their true essence.

Emphasising the power of bespoke storytelling, HILDE’s events are a cosmopolitan cross-section of contemporary design and considered aesthetics. Evoking feelings of warmth, intimacy and balance, Anne has shared her creative process with TSO. as part of our Modern Muse series.

How did HILDE start?

Before HILDE I worked as a creative producer in marketing and advertising companies, but after ten years I felt increasingly uninspired and unfulfilled. I started HILDE out of a desire to do something that was meaningful and combined my natural talents for creating, planning and managing. I have also loved hosting for as long as I can remember – my maiden name, ‘Ladegast,’  even translates to ‘inviting and guest’ so, there we go. 


What do you feel is niche about HILDE? 

I generally don’t look at a wedding from a ‘wedding point of view,’ and I have no interest in replicating what’s been done before or what is the current trend. My designs are usually described as ‘lifestyle-y’ – which is exactly what my couples want. They want their day to be inspired by their stories and values, and for their wedding to feel like an extension of the way they live and how they enjoy themselves. 


What moment are you most proud of in your career so far? 

Not a particular moment, but more what HILDE has become and what people see in my work. It’s so special when someone connects with what you do.

What are you passionate about?

I love creating feel-good environments, whether that be at home, in an Airbnb, or for my client’s events. And I really enjoy the simple things in life – nature is definitely my number one passion after HILDE. Whilst I need the arts in my life, there is nothing better than just being outdoors and watching nature do its thing – the shapes, colours and sometimes ‘weirdness’ is the best inspiration for me. I also really love a long hike, a glass of wine by the fire and road trips with my husband. Oh, and I love, love, love NYC, the smell of Berlin, and nice shoes. I have always liked shoes! 


Who is your ideal client?  

I love working with open-minded people who appreciate a good laugh and want to go the extra mile for something different. Like me, my clients go against the grain and whilst they don’t always exactly know what they want, they always know it when they see it. That’s when the ‘magic’ happens, the excitement levels rise and our collaboration truly begins. 

What is your creative process? 

My design work always starts with an informal consultation with the couple, which takes about two hours. Over the years, I have perfected a list of questions to help me understand what makes them, ‘them.’ These are questions about their personality, relationship and individual selves – it’s amazing how much you can learn just by asking the right questions. I actually think that there is a lot of psychology in the work of planners and designers, as you need to really understand someone in order to plan a meaningful wedding. Listening to those little intricacies is the most important part of the creative process for me – if I miss the stuff that really matters, the design concept isn’t going to land. It’s so much more than just pretty tables. 


After the design consultation, I go away for a couple of weeks and create the design concept. This is a beautifully curated PDF file which entails a general idea and vibe of the event, along with a mood board, colour palette and suggestions for fonts and textures. This is then broken down into every visual element of the day – flowers, graphic design, tableware, furniture, lighting, cake, signage, favours, etc. The design concept forms the basis of all creative supplier briefs, so I take the time and regularly brief these in person.

"I generally don’t look at a wedding from a ‘wedding point of view,’ as I have no interest in replicating what’s been done before or what is the current trend. My designs are usually described as ‘lifestyle-y’ – which is exactly what my couples want."

Which part of the styling/planning process do you enjoy the most?

Getting to know the couple and then getting to see their faces when I present their design concept – it’s never gone wrong (touch wood) and is always a big moment of relief!


Do you have any aesthetic inspirations or design references that you look to for direction?

I don’t have a go-to source of inspiration and never repeat designs or ideas, as every couple is different and has a different story; different cultural backgrounds, preferences and values. For me, there is no better inspiration than the couples I work with – my design work is always inspired by their sensitivities and, of course, the surroundings too. 


What wedding trends do you see emerging post-pandemic?  

Smaller, more intimate weddings are here to stay I think.


The wedding industry can be overwhelming to navigate for newly-engaged couples. Who would you recommend as a source for inspiration to start the planning process? 

Everyone’s preferences are different so I don’t think that there is just one source for all, but TSO. is certainly a very good starting point for couples who are looking for more contemporary suppliers.

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