Sacred Modernity

Photography by Taylor & Porter

Presenting a nuanced take on antique space, Sacred Modernity is a considered amalgamation of design and the divine — housed within the timeworn walls of a 17th century renovated chapel, now known as At the Chapel.

A design-led restaurant which offers an authentic and awe-inspiring display of arched windows, secluded courtyards and suspended pews, At the Chapel ties together the historical threads of its own past with the aesthetic context of present day.

A balanced and respectful reflection, viewed from behind a contemporary lens, the venue is defined by an artful merging of two time frames — forming an unparalleled environment that is rich in both culture and mystery.

In keeping with the balanced essence of At the Chapel, the editorial concept for Sacred Modernity is one of sophisticated simplicity — as captured by Taylor & Porter. 

"Offering a dynamic extension of the whitewashed walls and bold lines of the space, the fluid folds of Kamperett’s Adelaide silk wrap gown (sourced from The Fall Bride) move with grace and decorum, as though it had always been part of the backdrop."

Echoing the aesthetic equilibrium of the editorial, Kamperett’s signature simplicity is offered counterbalance — having been accompanied by the sculptural jewellery of Completedworks and the contemporary addition of modern wayfarer sunglasses, sourced from Bird via Truce.


Sacred Modernity is harmonised perfectly with the feather-studded blooms of Ecru Floral (an ultimately modern take on the classic bouquet) and the elevated paper goods of The Letterist. Finding harmony in the balance of now and then, the editorial for Sacred Modernity is a considered union of modern design and antique space.