On Our Moodboard This Month...

Summer Boheme: S/S23

The Story Of.: Picking off from the S/S22 runways, let The Bohemé Bride whisk you away to the heat of the Mediterranean, the air thick with salt, olive branches dancing in the gentle breeze. The mood is relaxed, quiet, understated, yet elevated. Your bridalwear should breathe, your guests dance barefoot, and the night should last well into the morning. 

The Venue: Southern Europe’s weather-beaten walls and bucolic countryside provide a rustic, romantic atmosphere, with wild grasses, dried foliage and timeworn woods intersected throughout the aesthetic. Consider an Italian Masseria or a barn in the South of France. Or ponder closer to home within an enchanted woodland, surrounded by nature.

The Fashion: Chloe by Gabriela Hearst is the lynchpin of true Summer Boheme and is a must for our mood board. A-line silhouettes should dance in the wind; take note of the breezy silhouettes of Maison LA and the decorative crochets of Jonathan Simkhai. Australia’s Albus Lumen embodies the look with the smoothest of silk, kaftan silhouettes and baroque, mismatched pearls.

The Tablescape: Opt for natural, tactile materials as the basis for your table. Vintage linens to match limestone walls or weathered cotton bleached by the sun. Take inspiration from the organic forms of Elvis Roberton Ceramics or the beaten brass pots at Anna Unwin. Consider Fruit or local vegetables as a centrepiece, inspired by Frukebana.

The Florist: Consider corner displays bursting with bright Mimosas as seen at Worm London, or opt for sculptural amaranthus blooms arranged in a Constance Spry vase via Doctor Cooper or  That Flower Shop. Dried blooms and intertwined foliage work just as well, making for a contemporary statement as inspired by Design by Nature.