Introducing The Fall Bride


Formed by a collective of industry-leading designers (with esteemed names such as Nikeen Asar, Harriette Gordon, Sleeper and Paris Georgia), The Fall Bride is a bridal boutique based in east London, characterised by a definitive approach to aesthetics - only carrying contemporary, fashion-first pieces.

"Existing for those who transcend beyond ‘tradition,’ The Fall Bride demonstrates the potential of bridal design when crafted with both sartorial know-how and a little imagination."

And whilst their considered approach speaks volumes for the refined nature of the modern bride, The Fall Bride still boasts a diverse collection, ensuring that those in the know are always within reach of their own version of haute bridalwear.

Shot within the raw, architectural lines of exposed concrete and natural timeworn wood, The Unbridled and Soby Film’s editorial concept evokes a modern sharpness, juxtaposed by the soft and flowing ripples of silk, to demonstrate the multiplicity of The Fall Bride’s collection.

“Realised through a tactile symphony of silk, organza and crepe, the editorial forms a textural timeline of design – with an elongated 1920’s inspired silhouette by Kamperette, and Nikeen Asar’s Ancient Greek-esque drapery, high necklines, and pouf sleeves which command an antique sense of regality.”

Showcasing the bespoke nature of each look, the characterful pieces from Botias Accessories add spirited individualism – with touches such as the modernist’s alternative to a classic veil (a cool bride’s hair scrunchie), a stack of freshwater pearls from the Remy drop earrings, the tactile clustered Provence pendant earrings and the oceanic Shell drop design.

"Truly one for the story books, The Fall Bride forms each collection with the same aesthetic aptitude as that of the legendary French and Italian fashion houses. A dizzying amalgamation of modernity, age-old savoir-faire and eco-conscious sensibility."

Beyond the magic of it all, the hypnotic nature of The Fall Bride is anything but fleeting. In fact, the label is ‘closing the loop on bridal consumption one outfit at a time’ through their (Re)Cycle programme. A space for pre-loved pieces, the community-led project ensures that, if you can’t bring yourself to alter your gown for another event, you can pass on your wedding look to another eco-conscious bride.

The Fall Bride can be found on our curated list of suppliers. For contact information, head to our directory listing.