Fashion And Love In Luss

Photography By Millar Cole

In the foreground of the gradient backdrop (which merges the moody blue blanket of Loch Lomond’s waters, the dusty golden fields surrounding and the glass-grey sky of an overcast day), Millar Cole captures the dynamic union of Rachel and Sebastian.

"Set in the Scottish village of Luss, which rests near to the ascending and mountainous peaks of Beinn Dubh, Cole captures the polarity of the couple’s shared interests."

Destined to be wed in the summer of next year, this creative concept served as a precursor shoot — aiding the couple in establishing a visual identity which authentically translates the intricacies of their relationship through the medium of photography.

Both avid explorers, Rachel and Sebastian (or ‘Baz’) also have a characterful affinity to the fine delights of the material word, with a mutual love of ‘editorial photography and fashion.’

Reflecting their professional ties to design and film (Rachel as a designer for the likes of Marc Jacobs, Erdem, Emilia Wickstead and Simone Rocha, and Baz as a traveller and film photographer), Millar’s creative direction merged these cultural references with the wild side of their partnership — evident through the artistic framing, poetic pace and the natural and unaffected dynamic shared between the couple in front of the camera.

"From listening to The Beach Boys and The Supremes on our record player or loving editorial photos of Mick Jagger, George Harrison and Jane Birkin, the 60's is a key influence in our style. We love to bring elements of that to our current style and wedding planning,"

Continuing their visual homage to the icons of yesterday, Rachel and Baz appeared in vintage and eco-friendly pieces, representing their preference for second-hand treasures and dedication to sustainable shopping practices. 

Styled in a white slip dress sourced from an independent designer in Los Angeles, Rachel wore a vintage overcoat and &Daughter aran jumper, and accessorised with Birkenstocks (and more weather-appropriate Hunter wellies), Simone Rocha socks and white leather gloves which belonged to her grandmother.

"'My background in fashion has honed my eye for detail and layering the outfits and textures with the Scottish setting,’

Alongside her, Baz appeared in a vintage duster coat and trousers, styled with an R.M Williams shirt and a knitted Edmmond Studios jumper.

“Reflecting on the shoot, Rachel shared: ‘Our first ever date was a rainy walk in Greenwich Park so it felt very familiar to spend the day in that way. Getting out of London and being able to dance on the side of a mountain in the rain, with the view of Loch Lomond, will be an everlasting memory.’”

Photography Credits

Millar Cole