Autumnal Bliss

Photography By Dos Santas

Timed to the peak of winter solstice, the autumn equinox is an enchanting and ever-enigmatic epoch of the year — as presented in the editorial for Autumnal Bliss, directed and captured by wedding planners Dos Santas.

Illuminated by the flickering glow of the candlesticks which punctuate the room, the concept bathes in the natural light of Colonia Rusiñol’s whitewashed walls — a venue located in the remote and abundant back garden of Barcelona city.

As though replicating an autumnal blanket of fallen orange leaves, the vastly open space is warmed with bucolic shades of rusted red, warm caramel and toasted tawn.

Forming a botanical cloud above, Molist Floristes’ soaring floral arrangement adds organic artistry to the environment, draping a spectrum of neutral tones above a linen-clad table — which is lined with rows of pebbled tableware and paper keepsakes from JDN Paper.

Taking textural direction from the intimate-yet-otherworldly space, the bridal styling presents an equilibrium of both nostalgia and modernity — a classic fluffy mohair knit by Donatelle Godart adds aesthetic familiarity to the graceful folds of Savannah Miller Bridal’s silk gown (sourced from The Muse Collective). 

Paired with the Italian excellence of Aquazzura, the look is given sparkling dimension with precious diamonds and pearls from Marina Figueiredo and Cartier, and sharpened with the controlled cosmetic pairing of black eyeliner and an au naturale base — achieved by Brenda Sarkissian.

Through an integration of natural and modern design elements, replicating the harmony of harvest-time evokes a feeling of both comfort and mystery. And yet, despite its nuanced aesthetic, capturing the solace of autumn is as simple as bringing the magic of the outside, inside.