An Artful Arrangement


A balance of function and flourish, the editorial for 'An Artful Arrangement' is a masterful exploration into textural depth and the artistic symbolism of colour. Styled by Ruffles and Bells, the concept charters into the colourful territory of burgundy – with threads of rich red running throughout its many aesthetic panels.

Accompanied by earthy tones of neutral linen, burnt oak and wine-toned magenta, An Artful Arrangement explores the vibrant associations of burgundy. Often symbolic of ambition and power, its decadent hue is presented alongside natural elements – forming an unexpected equilibrium of two symbolic parallels, nature and wealth, which don’t typically occupy the same space.

Shrouded from behind the ivory depths of The Establishment Studios’ floor-length drapes, which cloak the sanctum which awaits within them, ‘An Artful Arrangement’ is captured by The Allegory

Playing with negative space, the anatomy of the concept is purposefully minimalistic – formed by only the necessities, a tablescape and some curated installations.

The linen-clad tablescape is alive with dimension, formed by towering blooms that drape, reach and point in all directions. Styled by Tweed Twigs, the arrangements explore the architectural capacity of flowers – almost forming their own municipality of movement. The wild proportions are softened by refined stationery by Qalí and tonal, hand-crafted ceramics by Asobimasu Clay.

The surrounding installations also serve as extended islands to the main focal piece, with mountainous botanics looking over paper keepsakes, fresh fruit and functional furniture. Despite being physically separate, they are connected through visual variations of burgundy.

"Reframed through a graceful and feminine lens, the bridal styling presents an elegant mediation of the concept’s balanced components."

Sourced from Suzanne Haward (who handmakes every other-worldly gown in Melbourne, Australia), the looks are realised through a tactile harmony of luminescent silks and flowing fleur-de-lis lace. Both ensembles are then disciplined by a clean, natural approach to hair and makeup – achieved by Kristal O’Connell.


A profound exploration into colour and its ability to transform our perception of space, the editorial for ‘An Artful Arrangement’ encourages an embracement of wild and natural elements. Instead of yielding to the influence of the material world, it champions the peerless supremacy of welcoming what is meant to be. Raw and true, the way nature intended.