A Harboured Haven

Photography By Kat Gillespie

If you follow the urban terrain to the edge of civilisation, you’ll find a wildly serene sanctuary floating above the untamed riverbed of London city.

Moored to the legendary length of the Thames, Woods Quay is anchored to a timeline of both mystery and history – floating above waters that have secretly swallowed many untold tales of the past.

Observing the intersection between Waterloo Bridge and Westminster, the space serves as a considered extension of the unruly exterior, embodying its waterlogged terrain with symbolic odes to the great river.

With astounding panoramic views of the waterway, the wood-lined East Wing stands boldly before the cool light of the city. Resting upon speckled terrazzo flooring (representing the river’s shingles, which have acquired many precious treasures over time), the space is an unobtrusive addition to the landscape.

Embodying the ‘outside-inside’ flow, the floorplan streams out to find The Cormorant Deck – a light-filled reception that’s punctuated with views of the Southbank and the bustling metropolis that lies behind.

The editorial for ‘A Harboured Haven’ serves as a dimensional addendum to all that Woods Quay represents. 

Conceptualised by Studio Porter, who formed a textural interpretation of the river itself, the project champions the beauty in being wildly authentic – as captured by photographer Kat Gillespie

'Camouflaged by a considered palette of simplistic earthy tones, the elongated tablescape is cloaked in airy linen'

Camouflaged by a considered palette of simplistic earth tones, the elongated tablescape is cloaked in airy linen and marked with the ceramic tableware and pottery of Pophams Home and IOTA, and stationery by Kate Porter Design.

Florals by both Cosmos & Plums and Yinari add rhythmic depth to the layout – showcasing blooms that would naturally grow by a riverside. To each end of the table, large floor installations represent the wild and overgrown marshes that cushion the bankside. 

"Sourced from Amare, designs by A La Robe, Bon Bride and Harriette Gordon echo the raw surroundings with lucid silk that has been allowed to drape and flow in its natural manner."

Gemima’s fine jewels provide precious dimension to the unbridled ensembles, accompanied by the artfully uninhibited work of makeup artist Abi Taylor (who adds an unexpected shock of darkened eyeliner to an otherwise simple base), and ‘your-hair-but-better’ styling by Viktoria Toth.

The editorial for ‘A Harboured Haven’ harnesses the wild beauty of embracing (and respecting) what cannot be changed. Metaphoric of the untameable environment that surrounds Woods Quay, the concept is a eulogy to the power of bringing the inherent ‘you’ to shore from deep within.