Hermione de Paula’s horticulture exploration of haute bridal

Fabled for the unparalleled artistry of her textural masterpieces, Hermione de Paula’s couture bridalwear carries the same technical excellence as that of a Renaissance artist.

Realised through a complex nexus of technique (likely acquired during her appointments at Dior Couture and Alexander McQueen), Hermione de Paula’s creations are hand-crafted and often personalised — threading together the tale of one’s past, present and future.

For her latest collection, Virēre, Hermione de Paula is the gardener of another blooming and brilliant crop.

“Offering a horticulture exploration of haute bridal, the concept integrates the soaring structures of each gown with the atelier’s synonymous floral embroidery, forming a collection which flourishes with vivacious life and movement.” 

As though it were a textural trellis, Virēre is defined by the botanical needlework which cultivates throughout — with dimensional roses and appliquéd florets appearing in a dreamy halation of softened ivory, blushed cream and dusted pink.

"Drawing aesthetic comparison to the intricacies of a Botticelli painting, Virēre is like folklore to the bridalwear landscape. And whilst her astute craftsmanship will unlikely lead to Hermione de Paula pricking a finger on a golden spire, it doesn’t render her fairytale designs any less fantastical."

With standouts including a sweeping column gown with a dimensional ruffled train, a mini dress with Rubenesque volumes of tulle, and a full-bodied tiered design, Hermione de Paula displays an inspired rhythm of graceful contrast and heavenly proportions.