The Story Of. Sus Wilkins & Freja Kirk

Actress Sus Wilkins and Singer Freja Kirk's romance is as star-studded as it is serene, falling in love on a reality TV show that evolved into a four-day celebration in the Tuscan countryside. Sus catches up with The Story Of. to talk all about planning a wedding overseas and what inspired her dream Jacquemus dress...

TSO: Tell us all about The Story Of Sus and Freja…

‘It started back in 2013: I was a backing dancer for Freja on the Danish version of The Voice, and she was singing in the competition. I’d never been with a girl before, but there was something about Freja that I was immediately drawn to. I just wanted to be close to her.

One night I confessed: "If I ever had to kiss a girl, I think I would kiss you!" And over the course of the show, we fell in love. 

TSO: That’s so romantic! How did the proposal come about? 

“Freja proposed on a beach in the Caribbean with a bespoke Niels Monies ring. She arrived there as a surprise in tow with my brother and Mum – who was at hand with champagne!” 


TSO: Tell us a little more about your wedding planning process… How did you choose your Italian venue? 

“We decided to get married in Italy – because we love the food. So, we took a two-week vacation and drove all around Tuscany, just eating and drinking and relaxing: it was beautiful. 

We completely fell in love with our venue, Locanda in Tuscany – it was perfect. However, one day didn’t feel like enough, so we decided to have a four-day celebration that had everything from a welcome party and rehearsal dinner at a cocktail bar to the ceremony and a pool party at the venue on the final days.”

TSO: What would be your advice to a bride planning a wedding overseas? 

“If you’re hosting a wedding overseas, you need a wedding planner. We couldn’t have done anything without a wedding planner.” 

They worked with us on everything from our to-do list to the day’s schedule. It took so much pressure off us. 

TSO: How did you both pack for a four-day wedding? 

We had a lot of options! The Dancing with The Stars team designed a custom pink jumpsuit for me for the welcome party – it was a show that Freja was part of, and the whole outfit captured my personality!

'The venue reminded me of the Jacquemus show that was set amongst the fields, so I wanted to capture that mood by wearing one of his dresses from that collection."

In the evening, I changed into a dress by one of my friends Søren Le Schmidt, a Copenhagen-based designer and switched my shoes from The Row over to Jacquemus.

Freja wore two beautiful crochet shirts on both nights, and for our ceremony day, a vintage suit by Hugo Boss teamed with a Babett shirt.

TSO: Tell us about the little details that made the day unique to you? 

Every detail felt very personal and, in a sense, very ‘homemade.’ That was super important to us – there was no one at our wedding that we didn’t know. 

Our chef was one of our friends, a well-known chef in Denmark called Jonathan Balsløw Sørensen. He prepared a feast with everything from pasta to limoncello – all with locally sourced ingredients from the market nearby. To drink, we had everything from Piña Colada’s to honour my Caribbean heritage to Margaritas We wanted a wedding where every detail was thought about.  

"I'm the face of Yves Saint Laurent make-up for Denmark, so in the evening, we had a make-up stand - so the girls could feel beautiful all night!"

TSO: How did you choose your photographer?  

Freja had worked very closely with Bjarke Johansen and had a great connection. We fell in love with his heart. He told us: 

‘I just want to come and capture your love and your story,’ he did an amazing job.” 

"My final words of wisdom? Try not to please everyone. Try just to enjoy the day and be in the moment. Those four days were the best days of my life."


Venue: Locanda, Tuscany

Photographer: Bjarke Johansen

Sus outfits: Jacquemus, Søren Le Schmidt , Babett

Bridal Accessories: Niels Monies, Fashash, The Row, Jacquemus 

Freja Outfit: Bode New York, Sunflower, Hugo Boss, Han Kjobenhavn

Freja Accessories: Flatlist, Hanrej

Catering: Jonathan Balsløw Sørensen