The Story Of. Anna Phillipa-Wolf & Archibald Pearson

A high fashion wedding meets the beauty of the Austrian countryside, complete with family touches and a bespoke wedding dress made by Rick Owens himself. We meet Anna-Philippa Wolf to talk about her perfect wedding day...

TSO: Tell us about The Story of Anna and Archibald..

My close friends were organising a dinner, which is usually attended by a group of our very handsome gay best friends! I was complaining that they never introduce me to any straight men, and that’s when they suddenly thought of Archie. They talked a little about him, and how he had a beautiful furniture shop at the famous antique market in Paris. I had forgotten all about it, until a few weeks later I went to the market with two of my friends. They encouraged me to go and check out his shop, and say hi..

Now we always joke that we found each other in a flea market!


TSO: And How Did The Proposal happen? 

We’d been together for almost five years, and he proposed on my birthday. I was on a long work trip with Rick Owens in LA and invited him along for the ride. Archie came prepared with three rings – I can only imagine how hard it was to choose when you’re proposing to someone who’s worked at Rick Ownes for ten years; it’s a particular aesthetic!

Archie proposed with a ring by the designer Lorenz Baumer who used to do all the couture jewellry for Chanel. It was from his Mum – a tradition in his family to pass on – I was lucky she has excellent jewellery!


TSO: Speaking of Rick, tell us all about your stunning dress…

I was always going to wear Rick Owens right from the start, but I never expected him to make anything bespoke for me. He insisted!!

I had a clear idea of what I liked and what worked for my body. But, it was so important I was comfortable yet that it was still beautiful. We had several meetings in the factory, and Tyrone (Rick Owen’s designer and model) and Rick were involved throughout the whole process. In the end, he made five samples; he wanted me to have a choice of silhouette, materials and embellishments – Rick’s a perfectionist! 

In the end, I went for the sequins – which were sewn onto a base of denim fabric, can you believe it!? It was just breathtaking – and felt so great on. He added the cape a few weeks before the wedding – it was a great addition for the church part.  

TSO: And how does one accessorise a Rick Owens look? 

You don’t! The dress was enough to do the talking! 

I did have a tiara from Archie’s family, which my hairdresser had an idea to turn upside down, so it looked a little more 1920s than a crown and felt a bit more modern. 

 TSO: Tell us about the big day itself…

It was a real family affair, my siblings are wine merchants and do catering for special occasions. My Mum is very talented in decor, so we worked together on that. We started planning all the details around nine months out. Aspects like plates and glassware were super important to me, and we’re lucky enough to have excellent contacts through my family business. So everything from the table linen to the wine glasses was sourced through local family businesses. 

The celebration was at my family’s hometown in Austria. It’s such a paradise there – and remarkably untouched.

TSO: So everything was unique to you? 

Yes- even the music. In Austria, it’s a tradition that each village has its own orchestra. So we have a wonderful 35-piece one who played as a quartet, and when they arrived to play by the lake at the reception. 

TSO: How did you choose your wedding photographer?

I’m so lucky to have amazing friends who supported me through every aspect, including our Valerio Mezzanotti has worked on the Rick Owens runway shows – and shoots for The New York Times. 

One of our other guests, Danielle Levitt, also took some photos – she never goes anywhere without her camera. So we were just lucky to have two esteemed photographers as close friends.

Samu Miller was our cinematographer. The film is so special. 

TSO: What are your favourite moments from the day?

I loved jumping in the lake first thing in the morning before the day started – you just feel alive when you come out and it set me up for the day ahead. 


TSO: Anything you wish you’d done differently?

If I had the budget, I would make it last longer. We had it over three days as people traveled far to get there, but one day longer would have been amazing. 

One of my favourite things was all the new friendships that were created from the wedding because it was all weekend! Everyone who met is still friends to this day. 

TSO: What advice would you give to a bride or groom planning their wedding?

The first thing you need to decide is will you mind bad weather? If bad weather makes you sad, you should probably have a destination wedding. 

And finally, from a fashion perspective, you need to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing - 100%. That would be my main advice.

List of Suppliers: 

Wedding Dress: RICK OWENS

Accessories: Tiara From Archie’s Family 




Bridesmaids Outfit: RICK OWENS

Church: Pfarrkirche zum heiligen Andreas in Steinbach am Attersee 

Reception venue: KATE&KON @KATEANDKON 


Catering / Drinks: KATE&KON @KATEANDKON