Standing alongside the modern bride in her search for timeless contemporary, BON BRIDÉ exists for today and tomorrow — as exemplified by its latest launch, COLLECTION 02.

Providing a streamlined sequel to its first chapter of design (with Volume 01 destabilising the orbit of tradition through an inspired cornucopia of long sleeves, high necklines, puddle trains and relaxed waistlines), the London-based atelier has triumphed once more.

Headed by Pippa Cooke, COLLECTION 02 is a textural rejection of one-time bridalwear, offering a dynamic and interchangeable assemblage of pieces which radiate with reformed femininity.

Portraying bridal womanliness through today’s empowered lens (informed by social movements of new wave feminism), the collection displays an evolution in BON BRIDÉ’s aesthetic, departing from the modest modernity of its previous collection with a new focus on feminine form. 

'No longer are we masking our bodies behind long sleeves and high necklines, but instead we are exhibiting our bodies, our personalities and our strengths as we mean to go on,’ the label states.

COLLECTION 02 offers a rhythmic exploration of bold and intrepid silhouettes — forming a sartorial beat which rises with asymmetric mini hems, short power suits and sheer tulle overlays, and falls with slashed necklines, panelled bodices and dimensional draping. 

Created by the close-knit team of women who run the atelier, COLLECTION 02 has also been consciously produced using zero-waste practices — adding another layer to its lasting beauty.

Artful and commanding, each piece serves as an authoritative symbol of empowered identity, realised through pebbled silk, heavy satin and spun wool. 

A true trailblazer in the reformation of bridalwear, BON BRIDÉ continues to strive for a sustained world of fashion, all whilst empowering those who choose to commit to them at the altar and beyond.